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O2 Hotel Iguazú

Our vision is to be recognized as the most modern and sustainable hotel in the country. Therefore, we developed the following actions, among others.

All the hotel's hot water is heated using renewable energies, through a combined system of solar and biomass energy.

All the water used for the hotel's toilets comes from a system of rainwater collection and extraction of non-drinking water from the groundwater.

All our air conditioners contain ozone-friendly and energy-efficient refrigerant gas.

All our lights are LED technology.

We compensate the carbon footprint generated by the construction of the hotel and by our operations by planting native trees and/or by donating to the Fundación Vida Silvestre to sustain the Urugua-í Reserve.

We support the Historical and Cultural Heritage Department of the city of Puerto Iguazú in its tasks of conservation, research and dissemination of our historical buildings and our local culture.

We promote cultural exchange between our clients and collaborators with the original communities of the Mbyá Guaraní ethnic group, descendants of the original inhabitants of these lands.